Ray Reitze Jr. Meditation Guide

Ray has been guiding trips in Maine for more than 40 years. His extensive knowledge of the bush and traditional living skills were not learned from books or schools; rather, they were passed to him through a long lineage of teachers.
For the first 17 years of his life, Ray had the privilege of living and studying with Grandfather, a Mic Mac elder who came to live on his family farm.  Since those early days, Ray has felt compelled to share the skills and philosophy of those who have shaped his life since he was a boy. He brings to the world a gentle and humble presence, along with his down-home Maine humor.
He is the author of And We Shall Cast Rainbows Upon the Land, a book of wisdom and teachings. When he's not in a canoe, you'll find him tinkering on tractors or dubbing around the farm.
Ray resides in Canaan with his wife, Nancy.


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Class Description

​Each week Ray offers a guided meditation focused on creating a rich inner dialogue and turning inward.  Expect to spend time investigating the roots of our emotions, how we can act from love instead of fear, and discovering mindfulness, all blended with Ray's stories and humor.

 Studio doors open 10 minutes before meditation begins.

My Story - Ray Reitze Jr.